The Next Rex launches its internship program, this program intends to spread awareness and knowledge of development, blogging, and online earning techniques. Internees will get training. This internship program will not only help internees to raise a good future in IT world but also a step toward entrepreneurship.

Internship Types

  1. 3 month content writing internship program
  2. 3 month developer  internship program
  3. 3 graphic designing internship program
  4. 3 month WordPress internship program

Why Us?

  • Internship program where internees may have the choice to work from office or home, saving cost and time of transportation.
  • Free SEO training.
  • Work with a market-leading team of experts.
  • Work with professional bloggers and SEO experts.
  • An Opportunity to work for The Next Rex (Pakistan), The Next Rex (USA) and The Next Rex (Australia) and its linked project.
  • Freelancing projects if you prove your worth.
  • Obviously an internship certificate.
  • Read more about “Benefits of Internships”

Why do an Internship?

Being motivated students and career oriented learners, we crave for learning opportunities and chances for us to grow. An internship is an opportunity to work in a constructive environment under the cautious gaze of experienced seniors to hone one’s skills and gain valuable experiences. It is a training before one enters into the actual profession as an employee which helps him set his mind according to the pace of the actual professional life and be ready for the challenges of the actual profession. Working as an internee for us is going to help you improve your raw talent and turn them into skills. We welcome you to come and work for us as together we work for a better tomorrow.


  • No age restriction in the field of IT
  • No minimum education required, as long as you have prior knowledge of the languages and interest.
  • Sound knowledge and familiarity of the internet and social media and the niche you want to do your internship in.


Apply now, and chose a slot that suits you.

How to Apply?

Email your CV at

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