Restaurant Management System

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Restaurant Management Dashboard

TNR Restaurant Management System features with a dashboard where you can manage all your restaurants, chef, users, waiters, accounts sales, and all modules.

Manage all the resturants
Access to all the modules
Add users and manage them
Manage all the features
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Table & Area Management

With TNR RMS you have a module for table and area management, as an admin you can create all the tables with seating that you have in your restaurant. Each table can be monitored with the order status for dine-in, the number of times that table has been served, and the order they placed. You can also track the status of the order, if the chef has not started the preparation yet, you can even cancel the meal if the customer requested.

Add/Manage Tables
Add/Manage seating area and seats
Track orders status
Monitor table status
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Waiters & Chef Role

Waiter and Chef roles are an important feature of TNR Restaurant Management System. It allows the admin to define the user's permission. In this way, users will be able to access only the information the admin deems necessary for the particular role type. TNR RMS allows only the cashier to access payment information to keep your information secure.
The chef can see the orders he needs to prepare and can give live status, such as order received, preparation started and etc.

Create/Manage users and permissions
waiters management
Chef management
Cashier management
Roles management
Order status
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Orders Types : Dine in, Take Away, Delivery

TNR Restaurant Management System offers a traditional dine-in option. It also has take away/self-pickup and delivery options

Dine in service
Take away service
Delivery service
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Fast Printing

TNR Restuarant Management System offers fast and silent printing for the cashier terminal and chef terminal in the kitchen. Different printers can be set as per your need. Flexible printing options.

Multiple Kitchens & Printing
Cahier terminal printing
Kitchen terminal / Chef prinitng
Flexible printing options
Silent and fast prinitng
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Items Modifiers

TNR Restaurant Management System allows item modifiers. It allows your meal to have variations for your customers to choose from. Such as the size, small meal, large meal, extra cheese and etc. You are able to charge extra also for the variations and also upsell a meal with extra options.

Item variations
price variation
upsell with extras
Special notes
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Kitchen Screen & Vocal Notification

TNR Restaurant Management System offers a kitchen screen feature that allows the chef to have a visual overview of the current, new, and upcoming orders. The chef can prioritize orders according to instructions and preparation time. Since the chef might be busy cooking so TNR RMS offers a vocal/voice notification to get the chef's attention on the kitchen screen. He can also press buttons such as order received, preparation started and order prepared. This information will be useful for the waiter to save time and better manage the orders.

Chef/Kitchen screen
Voice notification
Track order status
Manage orders
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Order Split, Merge & Moving

TNR Restaurant Management offers split payment options if the customers want to pay for orders separately. Such as a group of friends. You can also merge two order payments for ease of payments.

Split order
Merge order
Move order
Flexible payment
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Waiter Screen

Once the chef has prepared an order, the waiter can monitor and see to make sure he is able to collect it asap reducing unnecessary delays. This makes sure the customer receives orders fast while it's still hot. The waiter can also take new orders and send them to the chef while talking to the customer.

Order Status
Waiter Screen
Collect order from kitchen notification
Take new order
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Management & Reporting

The Next Rex - Restaurant Management System offers management and reporting. This allows you to see your cashflows, helps in your taxation. The view sales report, daily or annually. Manage all your finance and accounting.

Detailed Daily Report
Best Sales
Daily Sales
Incomes & Cash Flow
Cash Flow (on a year basis)
Annual Sale
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TNR Restaurant Management System offers a setting module that offers all the settings you need to do in order to easily manage your business.

User role access
Add restaurants
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Pricing Plans

We have different plans to cater to the needs of all sizes of business. Please select the plans that best match your needs.


Rs:2,000 /Mon
  • 5 GB Bandwidth
  • Highest Speed
  • 10 GB Storage
  • 5 Users
  • Up to 5 modules
  • 24x7 Great Support
  • Data Security and Backups
  • Monthly Reports and Analytics


Rs:4,000 /Mon
  • 5 GB Bandwidth
  • Highest Speed
  • 20 GB Storage
  • 10 Users
  • 7 Modules
  • 24x7 Great Support
  • Data Security and Backups
  • Monthly Reports and Analytics

Custom RMS

Rs:Custom Pricing /Mon
  • 50+ GB Bandwidth
  • Highest Speed
  • 50+ GB Storage
  • 20+ Users
  • 7+ Modules
  • 24x7 Great Support
  • Data Security and Backups
  • Monthly Reports and Analytics
  • Do I need my own server?

    Our software is a cloud-based system hosted on our servers. That gives you the flexibility of focusing and managing your business.

  • Do I need a team to maintain it?

    Our restaurant management system comes with complete support. You do not need to have your technical team. We are there to assist you.

  • Do you provide training?

    Our team will train your users to use our Restaurant Management System and get the maximum benefit out of it.

  • How many users can use this?

    Depending on the package you subscribe, it will have all the details of how many users can use this.

  • For how many modules we can use?

    Depending on the package you subscribe, it will have all the details of how many students you can have.

  • What about backups?

    We take regular backups of the data. However, the details of backups are mentioned in the subscription you subscribe for.

  • Do you entertain custom features and software

    The Next Rex specializes in custom software. We welcome any custom feature or entire custom software. Custom development and custom software pricing will be decided upon receiving the scope of work.